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    Conservative lawmakers in Britain will hold a vote of non-confidence on Prime Minister Theresa May's leadership that will see her removed as party and government leader if she loses.

  2. AFP_1BJ2PH

    A senior French government official says that five people have been detained as police hunt for the man who attacked the Strasbourg Christmas market, but the gunman remains at large.


    If U.S. President Donald Trump wasn't feeling the effects of a new, post-midterms power realingnment in Washington before, he likely was on Tuesday afternoon during an extraordinary standoff in the Oval Office with Democratic leaders.

  4. Masked bike riders in China

    Since the beginning of last year, Chinese cities have been awash with 23 million GPS-equipped bicycles, part of a bike share program that has been credited with changing traffic patterns across the country, writes Saša Petricic.


    Arguing in public with Democratic leaders, U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly threatened on Tuesday to shut down the government if Congress doesn't provide the money he says is needed to build a wall at the Mexican border. He insisted the military can build it if Democrats won't vote for the funding.